> I have two questions that I would like to have input on from other
> BIBCO libraries:
> 1) How many of you have paraprofessional catalogers doing some of
> your BIBCO cataloging?

We have quite a few paraprofessional catalogers doing BIBCO, NACO, and

> 2) If you do have paraprofessionals doing BIBCO cataloging, do you
> rely on in-house training for MARC, AACR2, subject analysis, and
> classification? Or do you send staff to training sessions provided by
> other agencies?

Most training has been in-house since I've been here (1997).  I did NACO
training here for our paraprofessionals.  Bill Garrison trained both
paraprofessionals and professionals when he came here to give BIBCO
training and I reviewed both groups.  Some paraprofessionals and
professionals are now independent of review for BIBCO while others of both
groups are still getting records reviewed by me.  Some of our
paraprofessionals attended workshops on cataloging special formats held
during the 2000 OLAC conference.


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