I have two questions that I would like to have input on from other
BIBCO libraries:

1) How many of you have paraprofessional catalogers doing some of
your BIBCO cataloging?

(Lest anyone think that I have an axe to grind about this, one way or the
other, let me just state: I think this is an institutional decision that
on a lot of factors. It is not something that I think the PCC should be trying
to "legislate" in any way. I am simply trying to get a sense of what
current reality is for BIBCO libraries.)

2) If you do have paraprofessionals doing BIBCO cataloging, do you
rely on in-house training for MARC, AACR2, subject analysis, and
classification? Or do you send staff to training sessions provided by
other agencies?

I have personal knowledge of BIBCO workflows at four different libraries,
all of which have paraprofessionals contributing BIBCO records. In my own
library, all of our high level paraprofessional catalogers contribute BIBCO
records, both full and core, original and upgraded. The training that they
have received in general cataloging concepts and tools has largely been
provided in house.

Carol Hixson
Head, Catalog Dept.
University of Oregon