Machines and Accessories No. 01-09

Date: October 5, 2001

Subject: C-1 machine retirement

In an effort to better utilize our repair resources NLS will
begin disposal of C-1 machines that have reached the end of
their life-duty-cycle (16 years and older).  All C-1
machines with serial numbers up to 265,000 may now be
removed from inventory and processed through the established
NLS channels for disposal.

All C-1s below serial number 265,000 in a machine-lending
agency's inventory are subject to the following actions:

A)   Those in the "available" status may be disposed of at
the MLA's discretion.

B)   Those that are "in repair" should not be repaired but
disposed of through  established NLS procedures.

C)   Those currently assigned to patrons should not be
recalled.  However, when they are returned by a patron, they
should not be repaired or reissued.  Instead dispose of them
in accordance with established NLS procedures.

Excessively dirty or insect-infested machines should
immediately be scrapped.  Batteries must be removed from
machines before they are scrapped.  Please do not remove the
serial number plate from machines.

Report machines on the __Obsolete and Damaged Equipment
Report,__form 73-162c, or prepare a computer listing showing
the model and serial numbers and your Library ID (BPHICS
code), and enter "Obsolete and Damaged Equipment Report" as
the heading.  If your MLA has adequate staff or volunteer
resources, the amplifier boards may be removed and sent to
NLS marked "Attn: Inventory Management Section."

If you need mailing labels for this process, please enter
the quantity required on form 73-162c or on a computer
listing and mail it to the BPHICS contractor.

For more information contact:

James Miller
Equipment Control Officer