In response to the former question - at present ZNG supports both forms
but which form a particular implementation supports is left to that
implementor. I don't think we've discussed in detail conformance levels.

I *do* want to keep the SOAP requests in the spec. as I do see a need
for them if we expand ZNG to cope with non-textual queries (which is an
area I'm particularly active in) or complex queries (as it is
recommended that a URL not exceed 256 characters, although in our
context I think that this is not a major issue).

As regards returning the response as a SOAP request - I personally think
it less complex if the response format is the same regardless of the
request format. In any case the only overhead here is to add the lines

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:zng="urn:z3950:zng_prototype1"

to the beginning of the response and


to the end. Which I don't see as a big hurdle!


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> Subject: Betr.: FW: Re: are there already zng-targets
> We have an ZNG-server without SOAP running in a very short time. It
> also no problem to write an in a very short time a HTML-page serving
as a
> ZNG-gateway.  The root element of our response is
> The use of SOAP makes things more complex and it will certainly result
> a higher implementation barrier. Maybe it is a stupid question but I
> wondering now what is the added value of SOAP in this standard. I know
> makes sense in case on none-ascii input.
> Secondly to keep the implementation barrier low, isn't it a good idea
> respond only with a SOAP envelop if the request was also embedded in
> The power of simplicity can be of great value to spread the use if
> Theo
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> FYI - this is still flakey in places and only handles the URL form at
> present. Currently returns records in Yanks (Redsox ot whatever)
> Matthew
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> >
> > Our ZNGServlet can be found at the address below, using the type of
> query
> > shown. Attribute mapping can be specified as or
> > etc. Default is bib1.
> >
> >
> ti
> > tle+%3D+fish&startRecord=1&maxRecords=10
> >
> >
> >
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