Last year there was a thread on the subject of encoding additions to
collections, and reading those messages over was very helpful. But I'd like
to reopen this topic if I might, and ask if any of you have encoded
collections consisting of multiple accessions, some of which may never be
merged into the original accession? I'm tagging the finding aid for a
collection that consists of 27 different accessions, and I'm not sure of the
best way to structure these. I could use a separate <dsc> for each
accession, but when each accession has a scope/content note and possibly a
separate restrictions note, would this be placed in a c01 for the accession?
This doesn't feel quite right, but neither does a solution that nests <dsc>s
hierarchically, since each accession is a sibling of every other accession.
I could set up a top-level <dsc> and then a child <dsc> for each accession,
but if we've described the record group as a whole at the top <archdesc>
level, it seems wrong to do it again in a top-level <dsc>.

Anyone else have this problem? Heaven knows, I don't want to become known as
a tag abuser!  :-)

Thanks, all.


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