DIISP is the Defense Intelligence Information Program, which used to be
Scientific and Technical... (STIISP).  They provide community money for S&T.
The Foreign Science Library (FSL) is a contract library that actually
provides the service.  As a member, we are allotted a sum of money for the
year, in a deposit account that works like Fedlink.  I place an order and
FSL buys the material.  We use FSL for most foreign subscriptions, and for
rush orders on books, because they have a credit card and can order online
from Amazon, for example, and have a book shipped directly to us.  I place
all orders with Fedlink.  e.

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Subject: Re: Publications Acquisitions in Government Agencies?

Eleonare - thanks for your prompt response.  Would you mind a few questions?
Can you explain DIISP and FSL?  I'm not familiar with those acronyms.  And
you actually place the customers orders with the FEDLINK vendors or can they



Spears Ms Eleonore C wrote:

> At MCIA, the library purchases books and serials and newspapers for the
> entire agency.  Money is sent to Fedlink at the beginning of the fiscal
> year, and we are also DIISP members and spend that money through FSL.
> online databases (Periscope and Stratfor are being considered right now)
> have been purchased by the agency with other funds, some for OSIS, others
> just for internal use, but the library has been involved in selection and
> purchase.
> Eleonore Spears/Librarian
> Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
> Quantico, VA
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> Subject: Publications Acquisitions in Government Agencies?
> A quick survey - our agency's publications procurement process has always
> been centralized but we're reviewing this policy.  I'd like to know how
> other government agencies obtain publications.  Thanks in advance for your
> responses.
> Peggy Tuten
> Does your library provide books and serials acquisitions for your agency?
> If so, does the library have the budget to procure or does each component
> pay?
> If your library does not provide this service, how does the rest of the
> agency purchase books and serials? - Is this a logistics responsibility?
> Does the library provide links to books and serials vendors?  I'm
> especially interested in serials and newspapers.