[Moderator's note:  I'm forwarding a message from the NDU Library.  If
you have any questions, please respond to the sender, not to me or to
the list.  Thanks.     Steve]

The National Defense University Library has not received or sent mail
since Oct 18th.  If you have not received inter-library loan materials
which we promised to send to you, we do apologize, but we are sure you
will understand our situation.

Our mail room is closed after having been tested for anthrax.  Some of
our mail does come through the D.C. Brentwood post office.  All tests on
our mail room clerks and the mail room itself have been  negative, but
it is still closed and it will be at least another week before we can
receive or
send mail.

We are still willing to fax articles to you, but as of today, we are
changing our status in OCLC to Non-Supplier.

Please contact our interlibrary loan technician, Delores Screen, at DSN
325-3968, or 202-685-3968 if you have any questions about your

Rosemary Marlowe-Dziuk
Senior Reference Librarian
National Defense University Library