We do all the purchasing of books and serials--at least, we are supposed to.
Sometimes staff ignore this and order things themselves.  The reason the
function was assigned to the library was that people were buying books we
already owned, and we were having duplicate subscriptions.  Thus the decision
that the library would be the centralized location for these orders.  Serials
purchases are also centralized so that we can coordinate (and actually KNOW)
what subs. we receive Center-wide, and make them available to all.

peggytz wrote:

> A quick survey - our agency's publications procurement process has always
> been centralized but we're reviewing this policy.  I'd like to know how
> other government agencies obtain publications.  Thanks in advance for your
> responses.
> Peggy Tuten
> Does your library provide books and serials acquisitions for your agency?
> If so, does the library have the budget to procure or does each component
> pay?
> If your library does not provide this service, how does the rest of the
> agency purchase books and serials? - Is this a logistics responsibility?
> Does the library provide links to books and serials vendors?  I'm
> especially interested in serials and newspapers.

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