Our Library used to act as a centeralized procurement source for books and serials.  We discontinued this funtion around 1990 when the order requiring all offices to go through the Library was recinded.  Currently each office does its own procurement process using their own budger resources.  We are occassionaly ask to verify some prices or sources for publications but not often.

Clara M. Smith
U.S. Department of Transportation Library

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Subject: Publications Acquisitions in Government Agencies?

A quick survey - our agency's publications procurement process has always
been centralized but we're reviewing this policy.  I'd like to know how
other government agencies obtain publications.  Thanks in advance for your

Peggy Tuten

Does your library provide books and serials acquisitions for your agency?
If so, does the library have the budget to procure or does each component

If your library does not provide this service, how does the rest of the
agency purchase books and serials? - Is this a logistics responsibility?
Does the library provide links to books and serials vendors?  I'm
especially interested in serials and newspapers.