When we made the changes to list these as synonyms, we should have removed
the document termcodes.html. You will see that the document called
bibcodes.html has a listing alphabetically for each alternative codes in
the cases where they exist. It doesn't seem worth changing the name of the
document "bibcodes.html" since people may be linking to it, although now
it really covers both: alphabetical listing by code, both B and T.

We will remove termcodes.html.

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On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Martin Duerst wrote:

> At 17:32 01/11/09 -0500, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:
> >A recent message (I think from John Clews) made a comparison between
> >various codes and listed ISO 639-2/B and ISO 639-2/T codes separately. In
> >discussions at the ISO 639 registration authorities meeting in conjunction
> >with TC37 in August, we all agreed that the few cases where there are
> >alternative codes (only 21 out of 450+) should be considered synonyms,
> >rather than different code sets. Thus the distinction between the
> >bibliographic and terminologic is essentially unimportant. We have since
> >updated the code lists on our Web site to discontinue the use of separate
> >columns for the /B and /T, but rather to list them as synonyms
> >(
> Good idea. It seems to have happened on
> but not on
>  From, I'm
> currently linking to the later, should I change that?
> Regards,    Martin.