Sa(a)mi: agreement with Michael :-)

Leaving aside the issue of spelling (which Haavard is investigating)
I'm agreed with Michael on some other aspects here.

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> A member of the Research Centre for the Languages of Finland says he
> is not happy with the Sami proposals, and will get back to me when he
> has consulted their Sami expert.
> My own view? There are not very many speakers of any of these Samic
> languages, and there are not very many books printed in them.
> According to Pekka Sammallahti, 75% of all Sami speakers speak
> Northern Sami. He gives the following populations (SIL figures in
> parentheses after ...)

I'm in agreement with the above, and the general order of magnitude
for the population figures stated, which have to be fairly

> Having said this, some of these languages have official or
> semi-official status, are taught in schools, etc. I've met speakers
> of Inari Sami myself.

Indeed. It seems to me that a "add all" (possibly with some
expections for what appear to be almost extinct languages) sounds
reasonable, and more should be included than are currently included.

What does worry me slightly more is the lack of clarity over
"Eastern Saami" -
(appearing to represent Kildin Saami
and (or sometimes also) Akkala Saami too).

That would appear to need some further clarification, especially as
it has a code in SWEMARC and UKMARC, a therefore there are backwards
compatibility issues too.

Including a code for Kildin Sammi would be useful I think. Otherwise
it appears that "only Saami people this side of the old Iron curtain
need apply" - ther eare more Kildin Saami speakers than for some of
the other Saami languages.

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