I do agree with Michael ...  I use "Sami" only myself, and the Sami speaker
that we have in our office uses "Sami". And most English language
dictionaries use "Sami". And "aa" doesn't really make anything any better in
English. But, if someone thinks that we need to seek more expert advice, I
shall still be happy to do a small survey.


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At 12:07 +0100 2001-11-28, Håvard Hjulstad wrote:

>I shall be happy to conduct a survey among experts and institutions in
>Finland, Sweden and Norway. This is definitely NOT an issue for the JAC to
>discuss without further expert input.

Experts and institutions in Finland, Sweden, and Norway change their
minds all the time. Indeed, I have argued with them about it on
numerous occasions. In ENGLISH, we have an accepted orthographic
tradition -- Sami. Please stick to it.

Oxford usage is recommended by ISO, and as Sami appears in the
Concise Oxford that should be good enough for all.
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