Maintenance discrepancies

There are apparent discrepancies between two ISO 639-related
websites, and possibly also with the standard ISO 639-1, which is on
the ISO/TC37/SC2/WG1 website.

I'd be grateful for accurate comments on the following.

1. The ISO 639-2/RA Change Notice
ISO 639: Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages
Additions/Changes to ISO 639 Codes as published in:

ISO 639-1: 1988  (Alpha-2 code)
ISO 639-2: 1998  (Alpha-3 code)

It lists the changes as follows:

 639-1 639-2 Name of Language   Date added/changed Category of Change
         ast Asturian            2001-09-24  Add
-jaw  jv jav Javanese            2001-08-13        CC  [Dep: -jaw withdrawn]
         nds German/Saxon, Low   2000-05-31  Add
      ae ave Avestan             2000-02-18  Add
      bs bos Bosnian             2000-02-18  Add
      ch cha Chamorro            2000-02-18  Add
      ce che Chechen             2000-02-18  Add
      cu chu Church Slavic       2000-02-18  Add
      cv chv Chuvash             2000-02-18  Add
      hz her Herero              2000-02-18  Add
      ho hmo Hiri Motu           2000-02-18  Add
      ki kik Kikuyu              2000-02-18  Add
      kj kua Kuanyama            2000-02-18  Add
      kv kom Komi                2000-02-18  Add
      mh mah Marshall            2000-02-18  Add
         mnc Manchu              2000-02-18  Add
      nv nav Navajo              2000-02-18  Add
      nr nbl Ndebele, South      2000-02-18  Add
      nd nde Ndebele, North      2000-02-18  Add
      ng ndo Ndonga              2000-02-18  Add
      nn nno Norwegian Nynorsk   2000-02-18  Add
      nb nob Norwegian Bokmål    2000-02-18  Add
      ny nya Chichewa;Nyanja     2000-02-18  Add;  NA
      oc oci Occitan (1500-)     2000-02-18        NA
      os oss Ossetian; Ossetic   2000-02-18  Add;  NA
      pi pli Pali                2000-02-18  Add
         sgn Sign languages      2000-02-18  Add
-sh          Serbo-Croatian      2000-02-18        Dep [Dep: -sh]
      se sme Northern Sami       2000-02-18  Add
         smi Sami languages      2000-02-18        NC
      sc srd Sardinian           2000-02-18  Add
      ty tah Tahitian            2000-02-18  Add
      kw cor Cornish             1998-08     Add
      gv glv Manx                1998-08     Add
      lb ltz Letzeburgesch       1998-08     Add
-iw   he heb Hebrew              1989              CC  [Dep: -iw  withdrawn]
-in   id ind Indonesian          1989              CC  [Dep: -in withdrawn]
      iu iku Inuktitut           1989        Add
      ug uig Uighur              1989        Add
-ji   yi yid Yiddish             1989              CC  [Dep: -ji withdrawn]
      za zha Zhuang              1989        Add

Category of Change Key

      Code      Meaning
      Add       Newly added
      Dep       Deprecated
      CC        Code change
      NC        Name change
      NA        Variant name(s) added

2. However, there are additional changes not noted by the ISO 639
Joint Advisory Committee but which are noted in ISO 639-1, Table B.1:
Additions from ISO 639:1988 to ISO 639-1:2001, on the
ISO/TC37/SC2/WG1 website:

 639-1 639-2 Name of Language   Date added/changed
      ve     Venda               Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      oj     Ojibwa              Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      lu     Luba-Katanga        Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      lg     Luganda; Ganda      Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      kg     Kongo               Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      ig     Igbo                Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      ff     Fulani; Fulfulde    Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      ee     Ewe                 Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      cr     Cree                Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      dv     Divehi; Maldivian   Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      ak     Akan                Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      av     Avar; Avarish       Added to ISO 639-1:2001
      bm     Bambara             Added to ISO 639-1:2001


I'd be very grateful to know what changes should result to either
website, and/or to ISO 639-1.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards

John Clews

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