I agree with Michael's point here. We can not let pseudo-vernacular variants
slip into those elements of the record that are expected to be in English.
And I suppose the vernacular names as given are sufficient entry elements
for those unacquainted with English or French.

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At 12:07 +0100 2001-11-28, Håvard Hjulstad wrote:

>I shall be happy to conduct a survey among experts and institutions in
>Finland, Sweden and Norway. This is definitely NOT an issue for the JAC to
>discuss without further expert input.

Experts and institutions in Finland, Sweden, and Norway change their
minds all the time. Indeed, I have argued with them about it on
numerous occasions. In ENGLISH, we have an accepted orthographic
tradition -- Sami. Please stick to it.

Oxford usage is recommended by ISO, and as Sami appears in the
Concise Oxford that should be good enough for all.
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