Håvard: Ignore John's waffling. (Humour, John.) There is no
justification for "Saami" just because SIL uses it. Saami is a
Finnish orthographic form, which will lead people to hypercorrect to
Såmi, which is manifestly incorrect.

I have "investigated" this matter talking to Sami experts and
authorities and every time they get asked they change their mind.
English is not their language.

John, of COURSE Oxford is authoritative.

Further, most Samis live in Norway, where the forms (se) sámi and
(no) samisk are used by the largest of the Samic languages. So,
again, there is no justification for arguing for Saami, and no
justification for stirring the wasps' nest again.

Please. It's Sami. And I have been working with authorities making
software for them since 1997.
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