Network Bulletin No.  01-42

Date: November 16, 2001

Subject: Awards

Index term: Nominations for the Francis Joseph Campbell
Citation and Award

The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library
Agencies (ASCLA), American Library Association, has asked
that we provide information about the Francis Joseph
Campbell Citation and Award. Guidelines and a nomination
form are attached.  The deadline for submission is December
14, 2001.

For further information contact:

Carolyn Hoover Sung
Network Division



__Francis Joseph Campbell Award__

An award consisting of a citation and a medal presented to a
person who has made an outstanding contribution to the
advancement of library service for the blind and physically
handicapped. This contribution may take the form of an
imaginative and constructive program in a particular
library; a recognized contribution to the national library
program for blind persons; creative participation in library
associations or organizations that advance reading for the
blind; a significant publication or writing in the field;
imaginative contribution to library administration,
reference, circulation, selection, acquisitions, or
technical services; or any activity of recognized
importance. Administered by the Libraries Serving Special
Populations Section.

1966 _ Howard Haycraft
1967 _ Kenneth Jernigan
1968 _ Robert Stuart Bray
1969 _ Alexander Joseph Skrzypek
1970 _ Alexander Scourby
1971 _ Anne Thompson MacDonald
1972 _ Keith W. Jennison and Frederick A. Thorpe
1973 _ Marjorie S. Hooper
1974 _ Senator Jennings Randolph
1975 _ Arthur Helms
1976 _ Charles Gallozzi
1977 _ Adeline Franzel
1978 _ Richard Kinney
1979 _ Jenny W. Beck and Volunteer Services for the Blind
1980 _ Bernard M. Krebs
1981 _ Bianca Judith Lastrapes
1982 _ Frank Kurt Cylke and the National Library Service for
the Blind and Physically Handicapped staff
1983 _ Raymond C. Kurzweil
1984 _ Maxine B. Dorf
1985 _ Frances A. Koestler
1986 _ Robert J. Levy
1987 _ William F. Gallagher
1988 _ James G. Chandler
1989 _ Carson Y. Nolan
1990 _ James R. DeJarnatt
1991 _ Stuart Carothers
1992 _ Eunice G. Lovejoy
1993 _ Mary A. Roatch
1994 _ Richard C. Peel
1995 _ Dr. Barry Cronin
1996 _ Miriam Pace
1997 _ Senator John Chafee
1998 _ Gerald A. Buttars
1999 _ Donald John Weber
2000 _ Dr. Norman R. Coombs
2001 _ Barbara Mates

__Francis Joseph Campbell Citation and Award Nomination Form
for 2002__

Nomination submitted by (your name):





I nominate the following person/institution for the Francis
Joseph Campbell Citation and Award
for 2002.




Please attach the following documentation:
 -- a nomination letter, describing the ways that the
nominee fulfills the criteria
 -- the resume of the nominee or a description of his/her
appropriate activities and contributions
 -- two letters of endorsement containing specific reasons
for supporting the nomination

__Please send this documentation by December 14, 2001 to:__

Ruth J. Nussbaum, committee chair
Reference Librarian
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically
Handicapped (NLS)
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20542
(202) 707-9286
(202)707-0712 fax
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