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I can't fix the XMetaL problem, other than to tell you to stick with Notetab only (IMHO it's the best thing going these days due to its simplicity).  

For your Notetab use, you can use a clipbook library I created to globally search and replace into and out of UTF-8 encoding.  It's available at .

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I just spent about 2 hours in Notetab painstakingly doing find and replace commands for all the special characters in a finding aid full of foreign names. The first go through I came back to the file to see that they'd all disappeared and I assumed I'd forgotten to save the file or something. When they disappeared a second time, I realized  that XMetal, which I often use to check for and correct errors, is stripping out all the special characters when I reload the file in Notetab. I checked the list archives and noticed that John Rees sent a message about this in the summer. John, did you get any feedback about it or does anybody know why this happens or have a cunning plan to circumvent the problem (apart from not using XMetal obviously)



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