Softquad was of no help. I do not have a service contract but did use this problem (I used to use 2.0) as my one free help ticket. After sending a bunch of sample files, they claimed they were unable to even open any of my sgml/xml files, so they couldn't even start to diagnose my complaint. I gave up and went back to Notetab, with the govt. several hundred dollars poorer for buying me XMetal.


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I just spent about 2 hours in Notetab painstakingly doing find and replace commands for all the special characters in a finding aid full of foreign names. The first go through I came back to the file to see that they'd all disappeared and I assumed I'd forgotten to save the file or something. When they disappeared a second time, I realized  that XMetal, which I often use to check for and correct errors, is stripping out all the special characters when I reload the file in Notetab. I checked the list archives and noticed that John Rees sent a message about this in the summer. John, did you get any feedback about it or does anybody know why this happens or have a cunning plan to circumvent the problem (apart from not using XMetal obviously)



Stephanie Ashley
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