Hmm, guess I had a different problem, since my characters were definitely gone, as docs. would not parse. It's a curious world.


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Thanks for your response, and you're right: the characters do display correctly in the browser even though they don't show up in the NoteTab file once it's been saved in XMetal.  I feel foolish for not noticing this before but that's nothing new!  I just assumed that since the characters had "disappeared" they'd been stripped out.

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Notetab only accepts ascii characters in its default mode--you can only
view characters using their character encoding, so whatever format XMetal
saved it in should be accepted by notetab--but you do not see the character,
only the coding for the character, whether it is a Unicode or Latin-1 or
whatever character encoding

However, NoteTab has a function to show ANSI characters.  I'm a bit
out of my depth with character encoding issues, but perhaps this is the
source of the problem.

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On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Fox, Michael wrote:

> I suspect that is a character set incompatibility between the way Notetab
> saved your file and what XMetaL assumed was the input version.   One might
> be Unicode and the other US ASCII or Latin-1 and XMetaL didn't round-trip
> the file.   This is just a guess as I am certainly no expert on this
> business.    I'm not sure if one could "blame"either application but it does
> not sound like the Soft Quad help staff were to helpful.     Can you change
> the setting in NoteTab that specifies the character set used.
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> Subject: characters stripped by XMetal
> I just spent about 2 hours in Notetab painstakingly doing find and replace
> commands for all the special characters in a finding aid full of foreign
> names. The first go through I came back to the file to see that they'd all
> disappeared and I assumed I'd forgotten to save the file or something. When
> they disappeared a second time, I realized  that XMetal, which I often use
> to check for and correct errors, is stripping out all the special characters
> when I reload the file in Notetab. I checked the list archives and noticed
> that John Rees sent a message about this in the summer. John, did you get
> any feedback about it or does anybody know why this happens or have a
> cunning plan to circumvent the problem (apart from not using XMetal
> obviously)
> Thanks,
> Stephanie
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