Hi Jerome,

Jerome McDonough schrieb:

> I should have noted in my previous message that you can also have multiple
> structural maps within a METS object, and that the 'TYPE' attribute on the
> structmap element can be used to distinguish between a physical structMap
> and a logical one.

Yes, that's what I thought, the TYPE attribtue is good for. That's why I

I would suggest to have two structMap sections: One for logical and one
for physical structure. When I  understood the METS-schema correctly, I
may have several structMap-sections and may even use the type-attribute
witht he values "PHYSICAL" and "LOGICAL".
The question is: How may I point from one div in one structMap section
to another div (in the physical structMap section)?

And still this question is not answered :-) May you point me to a good
solution, how I may link different divs in different structMap-sections?
Alexander solved this problem in his example by using an additional
section for linking logical and physical section. But how may this be
done in METS.
This is not quite clear to me.... I would assume that there should be a
possibility using <mprt> and nested <area> elements to point to other
parts of the same file (assuming that I would like to store logical and
physical structure in the same METS-file). But how do I do this? May
somebody give me an example?

Assuming I have the following physical structure
<div type="book" id="p0001">
        <div type="page" id="p0002"/>
        <div type="page" id="p0003"/>
        <div type="page" id="p0004"/>
        <div type="page" id="p0005"/>
        <div type="page" id="p0006"/>

And have the following logical structure:

<div type="book" id="L001">
        <div type="chapter" id="L002">
                point to page with ID="p0002"
        <div type="chapter" id="L003">
           <div type="drawing> id="L004">

>Sorry I didn't make that clearer earlier; I blame it on the cold eating my frontal lobes....

:-) As long as there is a solution ut's okay :-)
But it seems that it is quite important and quite dificult to store
logical and physical structures. After we have worked out the details,
how this can be done in Mets, somebody should really add explain this as
the recommended way to store information on page level in the "METS
Overview and Tutorial" document. I guess this question might raise quite
often in the future.

Markus Enders, GDZ