Media Services No. 01-02

Date: November 30, 2001

Subject: New Poster Series

In January 2001, NLS conducted a survey of network libraries
regarding their media services preferences.  The first two
parts of the survey concerned the public awareness campaigns
"Take a Talking Book" and the "Talking Books Public Service
Announcements Series," both of which are well under way.
The third part requested your input for developing the next
series of posters.  Your responses suggested five basic

1.   Seniors
2.   Children
3.   Book clubs
4.   Mobility/lifestyles
5.   Companions

Based on your suggestions, NLS came up with fourteen
possible images for the next poster series.  We would like
your help again in selecting the five images that will best
meet your needs.

Please complete the attached form as directed.  Pay special
attention to the last column, which asks for suggestions for
improving the usefulness of the described image.  Fax your
completed form to the Publications and Media Section,
attention Jane Caulton, (202) 707-0712, by December 28,

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For more information contact:

Robert E. Fistick
Publications and Media Section

[Attachment: This bulletin contained a print attachment
that was mailed to the network on November 30, 2001.]