Ms. Ringdahl,

I was going to point you to section 7 of the Cookbook to get instructions on
using the free application, xt, to do the conversion, but section 7 isn't
there anymore.  I must not have been paying attention when the Cookbook was

There has been a lot of discussion about this on the list.  (You may wish to
see the archives at  Two people
who helped me with the problem were Marsha Maguire ( [log in to unmask]
) and Michael Fox ( [log in to unmask] ).  Some of this help was off-list,
and unfortunately I can't find those email messages anymore.  I recommend
you email them.  I'm sure they can help you.

Lisa Odum
Associate Librarian
Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington
(703) 799-8639

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Subject: Conversion question

To the List:

I am using XMetal.2 and have trouble with the
conversion from XML to HMTL.

I am following the Cookbook 7.2.1.  When i get to 7.2.2
I am unable to save the file.

What am I doing wrong?

I should mention that I had an ambitious computer student
last year who designed his own conversion program.  He is
now graduated and the conversion program has disappeared.

Thanks for your help..

Kerstin Ringdahl
Pacific Lutheran University
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