Hi Stephanie,

Most of our finding aids have the "notes" you describe, primarily at the
item level.  At Rare Book School I had starting encoding this information as
a <note> but was steered toward <abstract>.  I forget the exact explanation
but it followed your reasoning that <note> was very general.  The tag
library definition for <abstract> states that it could be used for "...
abridged statements about the scope, content, arrangement, or other
descriptive details. . ." and it works well for our finding aids.  I think
the key for me between using <abstract> and <scopecontent> is that the tag
library definition for <scopecontent> states "a prose statement".  The
"stuff" in our item level description isn't prose and isn't the same kind of
info that we include in the series scope and content. . .hence...<abstract>.
Let me know if you would like an example!

Hope all is well with you!

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Subject: component notes

I'd like to get confirmation of how other people are dealing with  component
notes in their EAD encoding. I'm referring to short descriptions that come
after a folder title, for example, that you feel are necessary to provide
details about the folder contents,  such as

Correspondence, 1945-1967 (includes letters from Henry Miller)
Correspondence, 1968-1980 (includes signed photographs of the artist)

We have a lot of this in our "legacy" finding aids that we're converting
retrospectively and some of the notes are considerably longer than this. Is
<scopecontent> the best way to encode such information? I don't want to use
<note> because it's so broad, but <abstract> within the <did> is also an

If we go with <scopecontent>, we have some more work to do with our style
sheets because it's unable to differentiate between the lower level
<scopecontent> notes and the higher level ones, so I'd like to get some
confirmation that this is the way to go before we put too much time into
tweaking them. Any thoughts?



Stephanie Ashley
Project Archivist
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