REMINDER: FLICC Meeting Announcement 2002-10

Introduction to Knowledge Management

See a draft of the agenda below.

This two-day workshop, created by Knowledge Management Consortium
International (KMCI), offers a high-level and comprehensive
to Knowledge Management (KM) and is designed to equip federal
information professionals with a basic understanding of KM theory and
practice. After a short informational session on the present state of
and its applicability to federal libraries and information centers,
workshop will feature sessions on:

* KM Key Issues and Concepts including Knowledge, KM, Organizational
Learning, Adaptive Systems, the Knowledge Life Cycle, a KM Framework,
Practices, Information Technology, Innovation, and the Open Enterprise

* KM and knowledge processing metrics

* KM Information Technology Applications (including portals and a wide
range of other software tools for knowledge production and

* KM Process Methodology Issues, Tools and Methods, including KM Life
Cycle Methodology vs. KM Framework Methodology, Communities of
Story-telling, Group Decision Process Methods.

Monday, February 4, 2002--Tuesday, February 5, 2002

9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.; there is no
entrance to the Library of Congress before 8:30 a.m.)

Mumford Room, Sixth Floor, Madison Building, Library of Congress, 1st
and Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C.

Capitol South Station (Blue and Orange Lines)

FLICC Education Working Group

$250.00--Call FLICC at (202) 707-48200 or visit the FLICC Educational
Programs Web site at to

Call FLICC (202) 707-4800; TTY (202) 707-4995

ADA accommodations will be provided if requested five (5) business
in advance. Please contact (202) 707-4800 or [log in to unmask]

Cancellations must be called into the FLICC office (202-707-4800) 48
hours prior to the start of an educational program or the full fee
be charged.

Draft of Agenda

February 4, 2002


* Introduction, Overview, Objectives

* What is Knowledge? What is Knowledge Management (KM)?

* A Knowledge Life Cycle Framework, A KM Framework, KM and Culture


* Generations of KM, KM Value Proposition and Information Technology

* Innovation and Sustainable Innovation

* The Open Enterprise: A Normative Model for Sustainable Innovation

February 5, 2002


* Knowledge and Knowledge Management Outcome Metrics

* Knowledge Management Process Methodology (KM Life Cycle vs. KM
Framework Methodology)

* KM Knowledge Processing Tools and Methods (Communities of Practice,
Storytelling, Knowledge Cafes, Group Decision Processes, Cultural
Analysis, Value Network Analysis, Influence Network Analysis, other


* KM Information Technology Applications (Enterprise Information
Portals and Enterprise Knowledge Portals, Portals and eBusiness)

* Other IT-based Knowledge Production and/or Integration Tools
(Collaboration, Data Mining, Balanced Scorecard, Agents, Group
Process Tools, Analytical Modeling and Simulation, Assessment
Capture/Best Practices Software, other IT tools.)

* Windup--What Do We Do On Monday Morning?

KMCI and Faculty Bios

KMCI, founded in 1997, is a non-profit organization devoted to
developing a balanced view of knowledge management from the context of
an organization. Balanced means to define knowledge management as part
of a complex adaptive system involving people, processes, and tools.
end result of KMCI's efforts is to provide a practical, measurable
application of KM to businesses and other organizations. For more
information, visit their Web site at

Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. is Vice-President and Chief Knowledge
Officer of Executive Information Systems (EIS), Inc. Joe has varied
experience in consulting, management, information technology, decision
support, and social systems analysis. He is a founding member of KMCI,
its secretary, and executive vice president of education, research,
membership, the director of the KMCI Research Center, and the editor
the new journal Knowledge and Innovation Management: A Joint Journal
publication of the KMCI and The Institute for Knowledge Management
of The George Washington University.

Mark W. McElroy is the founder and president of Macroinnovation
Associates, LLC, an innovation management consultancy based in
Vermont. Mark is a 24-year veteran of management consulting, having
spent part of that time at Price Waterhouse, IBM, and as a partner at
KPMG Peat Marwick. He is also board chair of the Sustainability
Institute in Hartland, VT; inventor of the patent-pending 'policy
synchronization method for improving organizational learning and
business innovation; and President and board member of the KMCI.