On Wednesday, 23 January 2002, Rebecca Guenther <[log in to unmask]> wrote
[on the Subject: Walloon: resolution needed]:

> I am sending this to the whole ISO JAC. Discussion related to the
> voting has taken place on the voting list.

1. Is it possible to see the discussion which took place on the
voting list which was not on the main JAC list?

2. Assuming that the main JAC list is not very big, and that those who
are not voting members (like me) are well aware of the fact that they
are not voting members, and therefore don't vote, only comment if
necessary, would it be simpler to revert to a single JAC list?

That would avoid the problem of discussion going on the wrong list.

Any comments as to practicalities of 1 and 2, or any alternative ways
of avoiding this problem in future?

Best regards

John Clews

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