Bibsys is the common library database for many (most) Norwegian universities
and research institutions. It is fairly well "cleaned" in the sense that one
item in several libraries usually has one entry only (with "location"
information indicating which libraries have the item). This means that some
books may be in one library and other books in another, but the books that
are in both are counted only once.

The Laponica database is a Finish bibliographic database covering in
particular Sami items in Finish libraries.

Sami languages are being taught and studied at a fairly limited number of
universities and colleges in Norway, Sweden and Finland. A closer "count"
would be possible, if the JAC should feel that this is necessary. Is it? Our
rules do not state that any one library shall have 50 documents, but that
the combined holdings shall be more than 50 (or am I completely mistaken?).

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Sorry about the delay in sending out ballots for Sami. I plan to do that
now. But I have a question about what Havard has submitted. You include
here the number of entries in the Bibsys and Laponica databases. Are these
records union listings from several libraries? Our guidelines state that
the documents should be held in specific institutions. It is not clear how
many institutions hold how many documents. I just want to clarify to see
whether these fit the criteria established (most likely they do).

Also, perhaps Glenn could check the OCLC database for entries.


On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, [iso-8859-1] Håvard Hjulstad wrote:

> Formal alpha-3 proposals for four Sami languages are submitted via the
> official forms. This document is intended to supplement the information on
> the forms.
> Proposal to standardize alpha-3 identifiers for Sami languages
> The content of this document is based on studies carried out by different
> Nordic institutions, coordinated by Sten Hedberg and Håvard Hjulstad. The
> purpose was to verify which Sami languages that may be candidates for
> alpha-3 identifiers in ISO 639-2. The submitters do not propose alpha-2
> identifiers for any of these languages. All the languages (and some more
> Sami languages) already do have separate identifiers in Finnish,
> and Swedish libraries.
> The current status is the following:
> English French  Indigenous      Alpha-3 Alpha-2
> Northern Sami   sami du Nord    davvisámegiella sme     se
> Sami languages (Other)  sami, autres langues    -       smi     -
> Proposed additions:
> 1.      Lule Sami / sami de Lule / julevusámegiella : Proposed identifier:
> smj. Language spoken in Norway and Sweden. Search in the Norwegian Bibsys
> library database ( returned 120 documents.
> 2.      Southern Sami / sami du Sud / åarjelsaemiengïele : Proposed
> identifier: sma. Language spoken in Norway and Sweden. Search in Bibsys
> returned 117 documents.
> 3.      Inari Sami / sami d'Inari / aanaar kielâ : Proposed identifier:
> Language spoken in Finland. Search in Bibsys returned 21 documents; search
> in the Finnish Lapponica database returned 67 documents.
> 4.      Skolt Sami / sami skolt / sää'm%iõll [% = k-caron] : Poposed
> identifier: sms. Language spoken in Finland and Russia. Search in Bibsys
> returned 12 documents; search in Lapponica returned 55 documents.
> Non-proposals:
> There are other Sami languages. Some of these are sometimes grouped. The
> following Sami languages are not proposed for alpha-3 identifiers at this
> time:
> Kildin Sami : Language spoken in Russia. Possibly a future candidate.
> Sometimes Eastern Sami is used to designate Kildin Sami and Akkala Sami
> latter has very few users).
> Pite Sami (or Piteå Sami) : Language spoken in Norway and Sweden. Very few
> users and few documents.
> Ume Sami (or Umeå Sami) : Language spoken in Sweden. Very few users and
> documents.
> Ter Sami : Language spoken in Russia. Very few users and few documents.
> Håvard Hjulstad 2001-11-27
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