METS Audio Technical Metadata Working Meeting (1.5 days)
February 7-8, 2002
Harvard University

Maximum registration: 20

As a follow-on to the METS meeting last November in Pittsburgh, Harvard,
LC, and MSU agreed to get together to hammer out one or more schemas for
technical and process metadata for audio. We've scheduled a meeting for
the end of 2/7 and all day 2/8 in Cambridge, MA. This will be a small,
working meeting of people actively working with large quantities of
digital audio. The meeting is open to others with a strong interest in
and experience with technical metadata for digital audio.

The goals, agenda, background documents, and registration information


In order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort across institutions
and to improve interoperability of METS files, we will draft (or refine
existing drafts of) schemas for audio metadata for use in the techMD,
sourceMD and digiprovMD sections of the METS amdSec. These schemas will be
available for use in METS and elsewhere, but METS users will remain free
to use other schemas for audio if they choose. The intent is not to add
constraints to METS, but to share the effort of developing administrative
and technical metadata schemas for audio. The draft products of this
meeting will be reviewed on the METS listserv and possibly other forums.


Thursday, February 7: 2:00-5:00 PM

1)  How many different schemas are needed? (E.g., Can one audio schema
meet the needs of both techMD and sourceMD?) What are the benefits and
drawbacks of proliferating substantially overlapping schemas for
different purposes? Conversely, what are the benefits and drawbacks of
breaking up elements to be used in one METS "bucket" across multiple

2) Discuss linking from the structMap and directionality of metadata
(describing how you got here or where you go from here). While metadata
generally talks about the actions already taken on an object, for some
audio it is desirable to use metadata to describe what must be done to an
object to create a new derivative. How should this be expressed in METS,
and will it affect our schema development?

3) Other high-level issues?

Friday, February 8: breakfast 8:00-9:00 AM
        meeting 9:00-4:00 AM

4) METS-bucket-by-METS-bucket, field-by-field metadata element review.
-- propose using Audio Engineering Society drafts as a starting point:
Core Audio as a strawman for techMD and sourceMD, Processing Information
as a foundation for digiProvMD. (There will be substantial overlap with
LC's schemas.)

5) Next steps


METS Schema 1.0 (Epsilon)

LC schemas:  <>

AES proto-drafts:  (will be sent to registrants)
  Core Audio
  Processing Information

Michigan State documents: <>
   Audio Extension
   Notes on Audio Extension

Harvard documents:
  Administrative Metadata for Digital Audio (draft)


For more information or to register, contact Robin Wendler
([log in to unmask], 617-495-3724). There is no registration fee for
this meeting. We can help attendees find accommodations if necessary.

The meeting will be held in the main conference room of the Harvard
University Library Office for Information Systems, 1280 Massachusetts
Avenue, Suite #404, Cambridge, MA.  Directions, additional background
papers, etc. will be sent to registrants (or other interested folk).