Thursday, January 10, 2002
Fellow PCC'er's:

        Happy New Year 2002!  During the holiday season the PCC
Secretariat has been busy in ongoing work as well as preparations for
the ALA Midwinter Conference in New Orleans.  This message will
highlight the most significant points regarding the PCC Program.

        Linked from the PCC Home Page is the revised and updated PCC
calendar, including dates, times, and locations for PCC-related meetings
for ALA Midwinter.  The agenda for the Sunday night PCC Participants'
Meeting and the BIBCO-At-Large and CONSER-At-Large meeting agendas are
also available.

        The draft FAQ on Uniform Titles(at has been posted to the
NACO page of the PCC Website.  These frequently-asked questions should
provide answers about what PCC and LC policy is regarding uniform

        The PCC Governance document has been revised to incorporate the
newly revised terms of office for BIBCO Operations Committee members.
Please refer to the PCC Home Page ( ) for
the link to the Governance document.

        The PCC liaison list has been updated with new and revised
contact information, including new libraries, funnels, liaisons, and
phone/fax numbers ( ).
Please check to ensure that your institutional contact information is
current and valid.  The membership rosters for the Standing Committees
as well as the numerous committees under each have been updated.  These
rosters should also be verified for accuracy.  Should you need to
forward a correction for any of these membership lists, please contact
John N. Mitchell ([log in to unmask]) directly with the updated information.

        The Cooperative Cataloging Team has been able to procure its
very own fax machine with its very own number, the delivery of which was
hastened with the national security concerns.  The fax number for the
Cooperative Cataloging Team is 202.252.2082.  The existing 202.707.2824
will still continue to function, although that fax is located in the
Division Office.

John N. Mitchell
Library of Congress
Cooperative Cataloging Team
Washington, D.C. 20540-4382
202.707.5772 (Office phone)                   202.252.2082 (Office

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