Hi Everyone,
There are some great things happening on the web site - just want to share
a bit of what I found:

Start on the main page - and click on Collections and
On the right, you'll see the heading "Collections"
Under that heading are several sites worth a look:

*About the Collections, check out Illustrated Guides.  These are hard copy
books, but they also have web versions that have items that you might be
able to use.  (There's always an odd goody or two lurking in these.)  About
the Collections also has basic as well as detailed information about the
Library's holdings and collection policy, which will have answers to the
odd question or two you might get in a presentation/workshop.
(direct link)

*Digital Collections and Programs.  There - in one fell swoop - you'll get
links to many (not all) of the online resources we have.  Great for an
overview/preview of what we have and what's coming.  This is where you'll
get a glimpse of the energy that is being spent to usher the Library into
the digital age and serve its patrons better.
(direct link)

*International Collections.  This section is growing (can't wait to develop
a workshop for world history and geography with these materials!).  Look
all around this.  There are links to online resources in Special
International Guides and links to other great (international) web sites in
Portals to the World.
(direct link)


Judith K. Graves
Digital Project Coordinator
Library of Congress
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