What a wonderful gift to us all Judy!  I'm looking forward to Presidents
Week so I can enjoy a leisurely look at what you've described.  Best wishes
in your new job as DPC/PSCLS (that's my alphabet soup of your whole-mouthful


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"It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin barefoot
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but to question it."  (Jacob Bronowski)

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> Hi Y'all,
> By now you must be wondering just who IS here since you've heard recently
> from both Susan and Karen that they are moving on to do other things!
> Change brings both growth and growing pains, and we've been doing a bit of
> both lately.  The National Digital Library Program is being
> integrated into
> the Library's other functions.  Essentially this means that the expertise
> of those of us in the NDL is now going to be at the disposal of the other
> portions of the Library to help them move into the digital age.  American
> Memory will continue; the Learning Page will continue; amfellows list will
> continue; our jobs will continue, albeit with different titles and a few
> added responsibilities, and the Library's web site will grow and
> get better
> and better.
> I now have the title of Digital Project Coordinator in the Public Service
> Collections of Library Services.  That means nothing to you - nor should
> it, since it's the Office of Personnel Management's way of describing a
> job!  It really means that we get to apply everything we know and have
> developed for the educational outreach portion of American Memory to all
> those wonderful collections and their divisions Library-wide.  Remember
> visiting all those reading rooms when you toured the Library?  Those are
> the people I'll be working with to develop programs that will be available
> to the Web-public.  It's an expanded opportunity to make more available to
> those not fortunate enough to be able to be Fellows or to visit
> Washington.
> The Learning Page has not been idle either in expanding opportunities to
> reach a broader group.  As much as we have enjoyed our work with you, we'd
> like to share our resources with your colleagues and their colleagues and
> theirs and theirs.  To start that process, we have all the workshops,
> handouts, etc that we used in the institutes on the Educators Page of the
> Learning Page.  (Leni can fill you in on other great things going on
> there.  There are no idle hands in that department!)
> (NOTE:  For Fellows in the first three years,  we moved the fourth and
> fifth years to the Library in our refitted Learning Center.  We split the
> institute into two one-week sessions and customized the workshops to meet
> the needs of each week's group.  This gave us workshops for elementary,
> middle, and high school teachers, rather than one-size-fits-all
> workshops.  We created a special  password-protected web site on the
> Library's server where all of these materials resided and put all
> orientation and institute materials, including workshops, handouts, and
> draft lessons there.  These are the workshops and handouts that are now on
> the Learning Page in the Educators section.  As a bonus, we
> videotaped some
> of the workshops at the last institute and have plans to add
> video clips to
> the workshops.  That's in the future and will have to wait until we catch
> our breath after the NDL integration is complete.)
> In addition, we are integrating the Fellows' workshops into our in-house
> workshop program, as well as our videoconference offerings.  Plans are
> afoot for more web workshops as well.
> More change is underway this year as we meld into the Library's
> structure.  I can only say that our work during the first six years of the
> NDL will inform and enrich the next six (and more) years.  I, personally,
> have you to thank for all the ideas, inspiration, hard work, workshops,
> presentations, and lessons that you have contributed to bringing the
> Library's digital resources to colleagues, parents, and students.  Stay
> tuned,  I'm sure there will be more you can share in the future!
> Happy Valentine's Day,
> Judy