Hi Judy,

As a first year fellow, I want to say how impressed I am with the growth of
American Memory and the Learning Page.  Also, thanks for the update
(additions and corrections) of my Civil War lesson.  It looks great!
Students at Crooked Creek will be using American Memory soon with an
extensive 5th grade U.S. history project.

Congratulations on your new title.  You certainly know what it takes to get
in touch with the digital age.  I look forward to keeping in touch.

Glenda Ritz

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Hi Y'all,
By now you must be wondering just who IS here since you've heard recently
from both Susan and Karen that they are moving on to do other things!

Change brings both growth and growing pains, and we've been doing a bit of
both lately.  The National Digital Library Program is being integrated into
the Library's other functions.  Essentially this means that the expertise
of those of us in the NDL is now going to be at the disposal of the other
portions of the Library to help them move into the digital age.  American
Memory will continue; the Learning Page will continue; amfellows list will
continue; our jobs will continue, albeit with different titles and a few
added responsibilities, and the Library's web site will grow and get better
and better.

I now have the title of Digital Project Coordinator in the Public Service
Collections of Library Services.  That means nothing to you - nor should
it, since it's the Office of Personnel Management's way of describing a
job!  It really means that we get to apply everything we know and have
developed for the educational outreach portion of American Memory to all
those wonderful collections and their divisions Library-wide.  Remember
visiting all those reading rooms when you toured the Library?  Those are
the people I'll be working with to develop programs that will be available
to the Web-public.  It's an expanded opportunity to make more available to
those not fortunate enough to be able to be Fellows or to visit Washington.

The Learning Page has not been idle either in expanding opportunities to
reach a broader group.  As much as we have enjoyed our work with you, we'd
like to share our resources with your colleagues and their colleagues and
theirs and theirs.  To start that process, we have all the workshops,
handouts, etc that we used in the institutes on the Educators Page of the
Learning Page.  (Leni can fill you in on other great things going on
there.  There are no idle hands in that department!)

(NOTE:  For Fellows in the first three years,  we moved the fourth and
fifth years to the Library in our refitted Learning Center.  We split the
institute into two one-week sessions and customized the workshops to meet
the needs of each week's group.  This gave us workshops for elementary,
middle, and high school teachers, rather than one-size-fits-all
workshops.  We created a special  password-protected web site on the
Library's server where all of these materials resided and put all
orientation and institute materials, including workshops, handouts, and
draft lessons there.  These are the workshops and handouts that are now on
the Learning Page in the Educators section.  As a bonus, we videotaped some
of the workshops at the last institute and have plans to add video clips to
the workshops.  That's in the future and will have to wait until we catch
our breath after the NDL integration is complete.)

In addition, we are integrating the Fellows' workshops into our in-house
workshop program, as well as our videoconference offerings.  Plans are
afoot for more web workshops as well.

More change is underway this year as we meld into the Library's
structure.  I can only say that our work during the first six years of the
NDL will inform and enrich the next six (and more) years.  I, personally,
have you to thank for all the ideas, inspiration, hard work, workshops,
presentations, and lessons that you have contributed to bringing the
Library's digital resources to colleagues, parents, and students.  Stay
tuned,  I'm sure there will be more you can share in the future!

Happy Valentine's Day,