BIBCO colleagues,

The annual BIBCO meeting will be held at the Library Wed.-Fri.,
May 2-3 2002.  This message is a call for agenda topics and to
inform you of our plans to date.

The dates for the CONSER Operations Committee meeting is May 1-3, 2002.
May 1st will be devoted to the upcoming changes to AACR
rules for serials, as well as related RIs, MARC changes (for the
future), and CCM and CEG revision.  While this is billed as "CONSER
only" it is open to any standing committee chairs, OCLC/RLG liaisons, or
BIBCO members who would like to attend.

The second day will be a joint BIBCO/CONSER meeting with and will
feature training and discussion on integrated resources.  There
will also be updates and discussion on name authorities, the PURL pilot,
and other topics.

May 3rd for BIBCO OpCo only will include a wrap-up of the previous days
topics, feedback for the editors of the BIBCO Participant's Meeting and
topics incorporated from your suggestions, etc.

The CONSER only third day will include discussions on other
issues related to electronic serials (e.g., use of LCRI 1.11a),
publication patterns (e.g., discussion on a universal holdings record),
strategic planning issues (e.g., membership), and
discussion items from the January At Large meeting.

Jean Hirons (CONSER Coordinator), Les Hawkins, and I are
currently working on the agenda and welcome suggested topics for either
the CONSER-only sessions or joint meeting with BIBCO.

The meetings will be held this year in the Jefferson Building (the
beautiful building across the street).  We are planning a group
dinner for Thursday night at the Banana Cafe, a Latino restaurant within
walking distance, known for its mango margaritas!

We will be sending out the OCLC travel number to the OpCos
and we are working on obtaining a block of rooms at a downtown
hotel and we'll send more information when that is

Space will be limited, particularly on Thursday, and we will try
to accommodate as many people as possible.  Those who
plan to send more than one representative from an institution
should let me know ahead of time if this has not already been done.