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I'd just like to add that it seems there are a number of
"competitors" to the Schema specification as well. While XML Schema
is endorsed by the W3C, another specification designed to describe
xml documents called RELAX coming out of Japan has been championed by
the ISO (see Right now it seems really
hard to judge which of those specifications will grab which parts of
the market. I'd assume that there will be some form of peaceful
co-existence with different specifications being used for different

One major new development in the cultural heritage community making
use of XML Schemas is METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission
Standard), a hub-document used for exchanging, archiving and
delivering hierarchically structured multimedia objects. METS is the
successor to MOA2 (Making of America 2), and makes extensive use of
Schema features such as extension through other schemas and data
typing. For more info on METS, check out the official website at


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