I think that these attributes were a leftover from some earlier draft of
XSL, have nothing to do with EAD, and shouldn't be there.  It was missed
when the stylesheets came out precisely because XT was so forgiving and
didn't complain about it being there.  Saxon and Xalan correctly protest.
You can either delete the select attributes from the call-template
statements manually or I can send you as revised copy of the stylesheet.


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Subject: XSLT question

A question about style sheet instructions.

Our systems people have asked me about "select" as an attribute for
<xsl:call-template>. They say it is not supported in Saxon or Xalan--which
error out when they see it-- but XT appears to have no problem with
it.  They also say they don't see any mention of using select in
call-template in the XSLT 1.0 recommendation or the 2.0 draft.  They are
wondering if this use of select is unique to EAD, and whether anyone else
has experienced problems with it.

I told them this subject is way beyond my comprehension, and that I would
send it to the EAD list.  Does anyone have anything to offer on this
subject--agreement, disagreement, or simply comment?

With thanks

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