February 5, 2002


        Coral Gables, FL - In its continuing efforts to provide online
access to its materials, the Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC) has added four
collections to its Cuban Heritage Digital Collection Web site.  They are the
Fernando Fernández-Cavada Collection, the Cordovés and Bolaños Families
Collection, the Cuba: Capitanía General Collection, and the Alberto
Arredondo Papers and can be viewed online at  These four
collections join the Tomás Estrada Palma Collection and the José Lezama Lima
Papers already online.  

        The Fernando Fernández-Cavada Collection consists primarily of the
correspondence of Federico, Adolfo, and Emilio Fernández Cavada during
Cuba's Ten Years War (1868-1878), as well as some materials of Emilio
Fernández-Cavada Suárez del Villar, Lieutenant Colonel in Cuba's War of
Independence (1895-1898).  Federico and Adolfo Fernández Cavada both served
in the Union Army during the US Civil War and led insurgent troops during
Cuba's Ten Years War.  Their brother Emilio worked with exile leaders in the
United States to garner financial support and arms for the Cuban
insurrection.  This collection was donated in 1997 to the CHC by Fernando
Fernández-Cavada, grandson of Emilio Fernández Cavada.

        The Cordovés and Bolaños Families Collection contains letters,
documents, and photographs from Cuba's Wars of Independence and the Bay of
Pigs Invasion.  Several letters are signed by important figures in Cuban
history, including Tomás Estrada Palma, Carlos J. Finlay, Máximo Gómez, and
Antonio Maceo.  They were collected primarily by Rosario and Encarnita
Lastra, both of whom served as Mambisas under General José María Aguirre.
Their great-grandnephew Julio A. Mestre donated this collection to the CHC
in 1994.  

        The Cuba: Capitania General Collection contains the "bandos"
(edicts), royal orders, and official forms from the governments of
Governor-Generals Valeriano Weyler and Ramón Blanco.  They include the
edicts pertaining to re-concentration and controls over the tobacco harvest
as well as blank forms of war criminal rosters, military hospital records,
and applications to become volunteers of the Spanish army.

        Alberto Arredondo was a Cuban economist and journalist.  His papers
consist of primarily of economic reports and papers prepared by Arredondo or
by groups of which he was a part in Cuba and in exile, such as the Consejo
Nacional de Economía of Cuba and the Confederación de Trabajadores de Cuba
(CTC).  Topics include employment and wages, agrarian reform, and

        These collections are four of several being digitized and made
available online by the Cuban Heritage Collection.  In the coming months,
the Lyceum Lawn and Tennis Club Collection, the Enrique Labrador Ruíz
Collection, and the Gerardo Machado Collection will be accessible on the
Web.  To learn more about this digitization project and to view other
collections, visit

        For more information, contact Maria R. Estorino at 305-284-5854 or
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