We've always used the agency procurement system.  The RRB has been using
AMIS' FFS (Federal Financial System) since the mid-80's.  It helps that
we're a small agency and can ask for special handling from procurement when

Our collection is primarily law. We order very few monographs.  Your library
is so much larger and diverse than ours that I'm not sure our positive
experience has any relevance to your situation.

-Kay Collins, Head Librarian, US Railroad Retirement Board, Chicago

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We would like to know if any federal libraries are using the procurement
system of their parent organization (rather than a library acquisition
system) for ordering books and subscriptions.  And if you are, can you give
us a quick assessment of the relative advantages and disadvantages.  Also,
if you've developed some sort of in-between approach -- a direct interface
between the parent procurement system and the integrated library system --
we'd appreciate hearing about that as well.

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