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Subject: New discussion list: International OAIS Implementers
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** This message is being cross-posted.  Apologies for any duplication. **

A new discussion list has recently been launched:
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As the list name implies, this discussion list is intended for individuals
and institutions who are actively working with the Open Archival
Information (OAIS) Reference Model as a part of an overall effort to =
build, and manage their own digital archive or repository. List members
will come from a variety of disciplines including (though not restricted
to) libraries, archives, space data centers, corporations, universities,
and others.

RLG has created this list and its supporting web pages (available at to facilitate communication and
provide information about OAIS reference model implementations,
applications, and related standards development. *The list provides a =
for discussion among people engaged in similar activities while the
supporting web pages alert researchers to OAIS activities occurring in
similar disciplinary or geographical areas.

To subscribe to the new list:

Send the following message to [log in to unmask]:

     Subscribe oais-implementers <FirstName LastName>

The welcome message will provide you with further details.

If you have any information about this new list, please contact Robin Dale
([log in to unmask]).

Robin L. Dale
RLG Member Programs & Initiatives
1200 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA  94041-1100

Ph: (650) 691-2238
Fax:  650.964.0943
Email: [log in to unmask]