I don't see how you can kill responseSchema from SRU.  The whole point of
SRU was the clients ability to specify a responseSchema whose contents were
greater than an SRW response.  If I want a button on the screen that says
"Next Five Records", then there better be the data in the response that I
can put behind that button.  Remember, there is no processing of the
response, simply reformatting from XML to HTML.


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I wondering if we can't kill two of these off.

Firstly the time to live issue. The vote seems to be against me on this
so shall we agree that the TTL is a hint (not guaranteed) and is a
duration, which seems to be the consensus.

Secondly responseSchema...

As I see it we only need 2 schemas (given the assumption that explain is
now a record syntax returned in a standard response) - one for SRU and
one for SRW: The responseSchema idea came up when we were trying to
combine the two and there were some additional elements needed by
browsers which were not really relevant in the SOAP version. I'd like
the SRW schema to be an extension of the SRW one rather than an entirely
new schema. In this case we can drop responseSchema from both SRU and


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> From the recent discussions I've added three new issues
> (7-9) at:
> Please tell me if there are issues missing from the list.
> --Ray