I have put a SRW server up at the following end point:

Try a query of 'title=rural'. Should find 3 records.

I have made a few minor changes from the WSDL file posted. I have merged
it into the one file for convenience (for me!). If you do a GET on the
end point you will get the WSDL file I really used. Changes I made include

    Removed the responseSchema argument. I think we agreed to this.

    Made time-to-live a xsd:duration type rather than a string in
      ISO format (if XML Schema has a duration type, why not use it?)
      ** this one probably needs to be debated.

    Changed the return parameter name to "return" which is the
      recommended name to use for return values (for SOAP interop).

    Changed some 'nullable=...' attributes to 'nillable=...'. This is
      not official WSDL, but I think some said nullable and others nillable
      which I assumed was a typo.

    Changed WSDL array declaration slightly to work with my tool.

    Changed some namespace usage around to make my tool work.

Note I don't trust the SOAP tool I am using much (I wrote it! :-), so
some of the errors might be in my tool for the work arounds. However
I think responseSchema should be removed, the return part should
be named "return", and I propose that the time-to-live parameter
should be xsd:duration rather than a string holding an ISO duraition
as text.


ps: Thanks to Colin Tatham for the MODS records to play with.