On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 10:53:01AM -0500, Ray Denenberg wrote:
> After that, we're discussing plans to
> access OAI via SRW (with a gateway).  The plans now are very rough but
> should become clearer in the next few weeks.

Funny timing sometimes. I was just playing with OAI myself for the first
time - initially to collect some more dublin core records (I have around
440,000 now :-).

But its good to hear there will be another implementation around to
bounce packets off etc.

Soon I think we also need to look at CQL and start hashing it out a bit.
For example, what are the goals? My goal is to have a human readable
query language with clear semantics of what all the operators mean,
but that also binds well onto Z39.50 in terms of attribute sets.
I don't find listing series of digits as particuarly attractive or
easy to debug. But I do remember someone else's quite valid point
that at least numbers were language-neutral for an international