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On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 04:35:06PM -0500, LeVan,Ralph wrote:
> I'm still interested in seeing Explain in SRW and don't see a conflict.
> But, I haven't implemented any of it yet.  I didn't know that we'd even
> started on a schema for our Explain records.
> Ralph

I don't think there is a conflict either. The response schema in
its previous form affected the WSDL file, not the concept of
returning records. The record schema on the other hand affected
the structure of recordData in the response schema. So I think
the record schema (not the response schema) affects Explain.

I guess I had assumed in my mind that Explain-Lite (from the ONE
project) might be used since it was XML. I have not looked at
it closely, but why invent another XML format when a group has
already looked into it? If they have been using it in practice
for a while, it cannot be that bad.