Im a little confused by this - many of the reasons you say you want to
access the OAI data with SRW are I beleive available using the OAI
protocol itself (of course I could be wrong)

Now I think Ralph's idea of providing a search interface to the OAI data
does make a lot of sense and provides a nice value add on top of OAI


On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Ray Denenberg wrote:

> I confused some of you with my OIA reference so let me elaborate.
> I wasn't thinking at all of SRW as a replacement for the OAI protocol.
> I see the OAI protocol as continuing to serve as the protocol for
> harvesting.
> As Ralph so enthusiastically points out, the natural place for SRW in
> a metadata-harvesting environment is to access the harvested metadata.
> However, our (very simplistic) idea isn't that, not initially.
> Our idea is this: Assume there is an OIA data provider, accessible
> (only) via the OIA protocol, and an SRW client wants to access it.  So
> we build a gateway.  Why the SRW client wants to access the raw OIA
> data, we need to develop a little bit further; but not to do any
> meaningful searching. Perhaps to retrieve specific records by
> identifier. Or to retrieve a list of identifiers, a list of supported
> formats, even a list of sets, and these would be via SRW explain,
> assuming that we develop the explain schema to support this, which
> further assumes that this is a useful thing to do. Anyway, we have OAI
> data here (Dublin Core records), accessible only via the OIA protocol.
> So that's why we've come up with this idea.
> --Ray