Louise,   To get more information about hosting a site, go to:

It would be great if you could provide another site.  The cost is
pretty high, but if you decide to do it, we could promote your location
to other libraries.   -Susan
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As this is a satellite downlink ( I assume) is there any reason why
cannot be extended to other locations?  We have a satellite downlink in
library at ALC which is a lot easier for us folks in Aberdeen to get

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OCLC Institute Teleconference- - Steering by Standards

Librarians face the challenge of charting organizational directions
that incorporate emerging knowledge-sharing standards. These complex
standards will significantly impact librarians and other information
professionals, their institutions, budgets, staffs, systems, and work
flows. Gaining practical insights into these global initiatives will
help library leaders decide more quickly and effectively how to

To support this effort, FLICC/FEDLINK is sponsoring a Washington, D.C.
area viewing of the OCLC Institute's series of three satellite video
conferences at the National Science Foundation (NSF) at 4200 Wilson
Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia.

Registrants can choose to attend one session or all three. (See
registration and location information below.)

March 26, 2002

A New Harvest: Revealing Hidden Resources With the Open Archives
Metadata Harvesting Protocol - Host Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President,
Office of Research, featuring Herbert Van de Sompel, British Library

April 19, 2002

The OAIS Imperative: Enduring Record or Digital Dust? - Host Meg
Bellinger, Vice President, Digital & Preservation Resources, featuring
Donald Sawyer, NASA

May 29, 2002

Paper Past, Digital Future: Managing Metadata Standards in Transition
Host Gary Houk, Vice President, OCLC Services, featuring Barbara
Tillett, Library of Congress

The teleconferences begin at 12:00 noon (with registration at 11:30
a.m.) and end at 2:30 p.m.  For more information on individual
point your browser to the OCLC Institute at

All sessions will be held at the National Science Foundation (NSF) at
4200 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia.

NSF is located in the Ballston area of North Arlington, Virginia,
between Wilson Boulevard and Fairfax Drive, one block south of the
Ballston-Marymount University Metro Stop.

Parking is available in the Ballston Common mall, in the NSF building,
in nearby parking lots, and in metered parking spaces on the

The closest Metro stop is the Ballston-Marymount University station on
the Orange Line.

Attendees should use the Main Entrance and check in at the NSF
Center with your government ID badge.  Then proceed to Room 110 just
the left of the Vistors Center.


$80 for all three sessions
$30 for individual sessions.
Register online at  For more
information, call (202) 707-4822.

Request ADA Accommodations five business days in advance at (202)
707-6362 TTY or [log in to unmask]

Cancellations must be called into the FLICC Office at (202) 707-4800
hours prior to the start of an educational program or the full fee
be charged.

To host a downlink of the teleconference series at your agency, visit
the OCLC Institute Web site at for more details.

Susan M. Tarr, Executive Director
Federal Library and Information Center Committee
The Library of Congress
Washington, DC  20540-4935
Tel. 202-707-4800/01  Fax 202-707-4818
Email:  [log in to unmask]