The Library at the Naval Research Laboratory has four federal positions, out
of a total of 29, that were originally established as Computer Specialists
and have now been converted to the new IT series.  They range in grade from
GS-11 through GS-13. Getting them established was not a particular problem.
However, this may be a result of our hiring a computer specialist to
administer our library system back in the 80's, thereby establishing a
precedent for this type of position in the library.  The others have been
added over the past five or six years, as replacements for staff in other
categories, such as Technical Information Specialists or Systems Librarians.

Laurie E. Stackpole
Chief Librarian
Naval Research Laboratory

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Subject: Computer Specialist GS-0334 or new GS-2210 series

Has anyone successfully established a Computer Specialist  0334 or the new
2210 series (not a Computer Assistant 0335) position in their library? In
addition to general (base or post) libraries, I'm very interested in input
from special, academic, and technical libraries .  The Air Force has not yet
released a Standard Core Personnel Document (SCPD) for the 2210 series, even
though OPM implemented this series in Mar 01.  Hope you all are far ahead of
us on this issue and will have successful PDs and stories to share.  Thank
you in advance for your assistance.

Lucy Buchwald, Director
Aviano Base Library, Italy