I think there is also a new National Nuclear Security Administration, possibly connected to DOE

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I have been asked to prepare a list of all federal entities that have been
created since 9/11.  I have checked the President's FY2003 Budget, websites
(White House, DoT, and Defense) and the current edition of the Federal
Yellow Book.  I have located the following:

Location                     Source
Office of Homeland Security                                     EOP
Homeland Security Council                                               EOP
Yellow Book
Transportation Security Administration (est. 11/19/01 PL-107-71)        DOT
Office of Stratgic Influence (closed 2/02)                              DOD
USA Freedom Corps/CitizenCorps  (EO 13254 dtd 1/29/02)          EOP

What have I overlooked?  In particular have I missed any DOT agencies?

-Kay Collins, Head Librarian, US Railroad Retirement Board, Chicago

PS  FWIW, this is the first time in my 22 year career that I've actually
READ a Budget of the US Government.   They have always been one of my
favorite sources of detailed information about federal agencies, but I've
always used them as I use the  Government Manual.