As we have an editorial board meeting tentatively scheduled for early May,
I would like
to try to re-energize some of the activities around extension schema.  In
I would like to start getting some of the extension schema for
administrative metadata
developed enough for submission to the editorial board for its stamp of

At our meeting in Pittsburgh, the following groups volunteered to start trying
to do further development work in the identified areas:

         Technical Metadata for Audio/Video: Michigan State, Library of
Congress, Harvard

         Technical Metadata for Still Images: Michigan State

         Technical Metadata for Text: New York University, Harvard

         IP Rights: New York University

I know the audio/video gang has had a meeting to try to further refine an
set for A/V technical metadata.  If you think you can have something to submit
to the editorial board before May 9, that would be wonderful.

Mark, have you folks been able to devote any time to a still image metadata
extension schema?

The DL unit at NYU has drafted a preliminary element set for text technical
metadata.  I'll forward that on to Harvard so that they can rip it to
shreds; with luck
we may be able to have at least a draft schema for posting to the web site, if
not something that's ready for submission to the editorial board.

On the IP Rights extension schema, there have been some developments which
we might want to talk about online.  As many of you probably already know, the
MPEG-21 folks have settled on XrML as the basis for the MPEG-21 rights
To my way of thinking, this is not necessarily a good thing.  XrML is rather
strongly tilted towards the needs of commercial information retailers
music/video retailers, etc.), and doesn't appear to really support the needs of
libraries for regarding IP metadata.  I have some preliminary talks with other
institutions about trying to develop an IP metadata extension schema based
on the ODRL rights language.  I think this has promise, but it will take some
time to develop.  As a first step, we might want to talk about whether ODRL
as it currently stands ( is suitable for storing the forms
of information that libraries would like to record, and if not, what else is
needed.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, please feel free to post them here
or to send them to me privately.

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