At 2:30 PM -0800 3/26/02, Merrilee Proffitt wrote:
>I will belatedly add to this that RLG is grappling with what I suspect are
>the same issues in our own METS encoding trials -- are we doing this the
>right way? making wise decisions? -- given all of the flexibility that the
>schema provides.

One area where I think a 'first practices' document would be
particularly helpful is the behaviorSec. I've seen the sample Fedora
docs (using <disseminator>), but it would be nice to see how other
are planning to use this. We're looking at using METS to bridge
disparate dissemination mechanisms within specific collections, where
specific content types (e-facsimiles, ead, images, etc) have existing
access and navigation infrastructures. In other words, we've got the
behaviors covered already, but we want to give users hierarchical
access to the intellectual content of a collection before sending
them off to the disseminator for a given digital object.

Bringing up a previous topic from this list, I'd like to cast a vote
for using fptr internally as an IDREF to achieve something like
multiple inheritance for digital objects, in cases where the same
d.o. may occupy more than one node in a collection's logical

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