1.  Will most novice users be able to distinguish between "name" as
creator (1XX or 7XX) and name as "subject" (6XX)?  Perhaps the name
element should be more explicitly identified (perhaps "creator")?

2.  For corporate names, should there be an "order" attribute for
"component", or will reading components left-to-right be sufficient?

3.  Your notes for "name" indicate that "flat names" are presumed to be
"structured". Can I assume this means, for example, that you expect
personal names to be entered in inverted order?  I am not sure you can
count on users entering names in the manner we are used to seeing in the
controlled entries of bibliographic records.  However, there needs to be
some mechanism (perhaps a "filingName" element) to enable systems to
create usable lists of names for browsing and collocation.

4.  Without knowing the MARC format meaning of 852, I would have assumed
"location" dealt with some sort of geographic name rather than the
institution holding the content (852ab) or the "shelving location" of the
content (852j).  Should this element also have a clearer name

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