Machines and Accessories Report No. 02-03

Date: March 1, 2002

Subject:  Restructuring of NLS machine-repair support and
parts ordering

This Machines and Accessories report contains important
information on two topics: the restructuring of NLS machine-
repair support and communicating parts orders to NLS.  These
actions are effective immediately.

The logistics and technical maintenance operations at NLS
will function in two divisions.  The Network Division
Inventory Management Section will assume responsibility for
processing and satisfying all requests for parts and
supplies used   by repair operations.  The Materials
Development Division Engineering Section will continue
responsibility for technical management.  The Engineering
Section is responsible for functions such as training repair
persons, developing technical training aids, purchasing
material, guiding equipment maintenance, managing repair
contracts, and long-term planning for technological change.

New parts orders should be sent by e-mail or fax; e-mail is
the preferred method.
To obtain information about processing and shipment please
contact Ernest James, Kevin Cross, or Eric Clark in IMS:
E-mail: <[log in to unmask]> with "parts" in the subject line
Fax: (202) 707-9247
Phone: (202) 707-0761, (202) 707-9285, or 800-424-8567

For technical matters and training coordination please
contact Kevin Watson in Engineering:
Phone: (202) 707-9298 or 800-424-8567
Fax: (202) 707-0712
E-mail:  [log in to unmask]

__Mail Service__
NLS at 1291 Taylor Street NW has not received regular mail
service from the United States Postal Service since mid-
October 2001.  It is not known when full service will
resume.  Orders for parts and supplies mailed to NLS after
October 1 may not have reached us and may be lost.  Thus,
for any orders placed but not received, NLS receipt of the
order should be verified by the requesting agency by phone,
e-mail, or fax.  Until regular mail service is
reestablished, NLS will ship all parts orders via UPS or
Federal Express.  Packages for NLS should be sent by
commercial carriers.

For further information contact:

Wells B.  Kormann
Chief, Materials Development Division
[log in to unmask]
Carolyn Hoover Sung
Chief, Network Division
[log in to unmask]