Sorry you had trouble getting into our finding aids. We're having some problems with our network, but if you just go to 
you'll see a link to the finding aids on that page. Click on that link and scroll down the page and you'll see the list of our finding aids that you can link to. 

Yes, we are listing the microfilm reel number in container tags so the encoding for a folder might be as follows:

<container type="box">8</container> 
<container type="reel">5686</container> 

To address the broader issues that have been raised, I've always assumed that if we provide both a box and a reel number researchers will understand that we're describing the location of the original materials and the corresponding location of an alternative format/storage medium for them. We clarify this further by using the <altformavail> subelement in <admininfo> to note that the collection is available on microfilm. 
As Michael pointed out, it's the intellectual arrangement of the collection that we're most concerned with and the container tags are there to serve as an access tool. As far as I can tell the EAD application guidelines and tag library suggest only that I set a "reel" attribute for microfilm reel information.

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Dear Stephanie:

Thanks for responding to my question about microfilm and ead.  I
can't seem to get into your xml finding aids.  I have IE 6 on my PC,
but I keep getting a message telling me I don't have access
priveleges to

Are you listing your microfilm as a container level?  I think we can
get the reels to display, much as we want, with our style sheet.
But, I am also concerned about using an appropriate and standard
(i.e.-what other institutions are using) ead tag to denote the
microfilm version of the collection.  Should it be noted as some sort
of analog collection?  Something else?

Any further thoughts on this are very welcome.

Best, Wendy

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